PROACTION FILM is the Levant’s leading expert of Creative documentary film and television, production, international co-production, distribution and promotion. Eight years after its establishment, PROACTION FILM offers profound know-how, highly demanding standards and profound support and understanding of both the creative and the technical aspects of filmmaking.

The credentials of PROACTION FILM include some of the Arab World’s most important fiction feature films, creative documentaries, and even high-end television commercials, in addition to a highly selective catalogue of great international documentaries aimed at the Arabic-speaking markets. PROACTION FILM is not a mass production company, but rather a selective one. It commits to a limited number of production projects and a limited number of distribution titles every year. PROACTION FILM on the other hand is committed to making its productions the best they can be and to only acquire titles of relevance and of highest creative value. PROACTION FILM does not work on news/current-affairs reportage; it treats a documentary project as a full cinematic production, with the time and dedication a good artistic accomplishment needs.

n addition to documentary film, PROACTION FILM is developing its involvement in other genres, including productions for younger audiences, cross-platform projects and international co-production of independent fiction features.

Moreover, PROACTION FILM is committed to developing the industry in general, hence, it launched its not-for-profit international documentary film festival, DOX BOX, with its public screenings and debates and its professional activities of hands-on training and networking. In DOX BOX’s third edition, March 2010, 21000 persons watched films and 28 filmmakers from 7 Arab countries were trained by 14 international mentors. PROACTION FILM has also launched the Arab world’s very first electronic magazine dedicated to the art and industry of documentary film and television in October 2010, TAFASEEL is a bilingual quarterly bridging the gap between Arab world doc makers and the world.