Absence of Mr. or Mrs. B

Iran| 2009| 64’ | color | Farsi | Arabic Subtitle | Fima Emami & Reza Daryanoush
Woman | Social issues | Gender | Middle East | Islam| Family

In a remote Iranian village, a wife and her husband have been married for years, no children yet. The man wants to marry another woman, the problem is always in the “Vessel”every one says. It cannot be the man!
The trip to the capital’s fertility clinic is long, but they take it many times. He man starts searching for his alternatives, she keeps on trying to get pregnant.
The filmmaker change the life of their protagonist… someone had to do!


Festivals, Nominations & Awards:

**Jury Award** @ FidaDoc - Aghadir, Morocco
Al Kasaba Festival - Palestine
German House - Sanaa', Yemen

**ANASY Award for best Character** 2010

Hot Docs Film Festival, Canada 2010.
DOX BOX Documentary Film Festival, Damascus 2010
Cinema Verite Festival, Tehran 2009.
Fajr International Film Festival, Tehran 2009.


Directors: Fima Emami, Reza Daryanoush
Directors of Photography: Fima Emami, Reza Daryanoush
Editor: Reza Daryanoush
Sound: Behrouz Shahamat
Prodocer: Documentary & Expiremental Film Center

Directors: Fima Emami & Reza Daryanoush
Fima Emami was born on 1978.
She has a MA degree in cinema directing. She has started her career in filmmaking since 1994 by directing some documentaries, animations and short films. Her films have been participated in many festivals and won some prizes.

Reza Daryanoush was born on 1969 in Tehran-Iran.
He has graduated in cinema field and directed some documentaries, animations and short films.
Besides filmmaking, he has also been involved in shooting and editing.

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