27May 2015

Orwa Nyrabia and Diana El Jeiroudi on AFAC Panels

Orwa 3


As part of AFAC Film Week, the panel on Documentary Films for Social Justice brought together acclaimed producer and activist Orwa Nyrabia, filmmaker Nadine Salib and director of the Ford Foundation’s JustFilms Initiative, Cara Mertes. More here…

Diana El Jeiroudi joined Abdalla, Mohamed Shawky Hassan from the Network of Arab Arthouse Screens (NAAS) and Youssef Shazli from Zawya on the second of AFAC’s panels on Arab film distribution, moderated by Rima Mismar.  More here

27May 2015

‘The Mulberry House’ at ‘I/Eye in Conflict’ Series




Last week The Mulberry House was screened as part of the Barbican’s I/Eye in Conflict series, which aims to bring “the insider’s perspective from recent wars, revolutions, uprisings, and occupations in the Middle East, giving access to these experiences as they unfold.”

The series was created due to the organisers’ belief that “First person accounts of momentous events of our time are precious”, a statement that rings especially true for The Mulberry House, which paints an intimate portrait of the filmmaker Sara Ishaq’s family as the events of 2011 explode around them. Read More

27May 2015

‘Silvered Water’ and Other Activist Films Prove That ‘Art is Political’

Ossama 2

Magali Simard, writing for The Diplomatic Courier, takes stock of the increasing prominence of cinema activism and posits that it suggests an audience desire to “go beyond the headlines”, in search of a more more immersive account of world events.

Simard selects Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait as one of the leading lights of this renaissance, callings its images “haunting and beyond any journalistic reporting or filmmaker’s access”.

Read here

08May 2015

Sara Ishaq Talks to Qantara About Yemen and “The Mulberry House”

 Sara Ishaq, one of Yemen’s foremost young filmmakers, speaks to Nader Alsarras about the situation in Yemen following the revolution of 2011, and her second film, The Mulberry House.
The film explores the dramatic change that Ishaq observed when she returned home to Yemen after five years studying abroad, both in her familial dynamic and in the country as a whole. She explains, “For me, the change in my family was like a revolution. It also reflected the transformation of society – a transformation that ultimately led to the revolution.”
04May 2015

Proaction Film Productions Cited in Award-Winning Book




In his new book published by Verso, Syrian Notebooks: Inside the Homs Uprising, award-winning author Jonathan Littel makes numerous references to both Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait and Return to Homs. 

Read the CounterPunch article here and click to attend a Frontline Club event with Littel and the CEO of Proaction Film, Orwa Nyrabia, here

29Apr 2015

The New Yorker Hails ‘Return To Homs’ as “Most Notable” Chronicle of Syria’s Civil War

FilmStills-RTH (1)


In his recent article, Searching for a True Story of the Syrian Civil War, Elliot Ackerman of The New Yorker examines the films that have emanated from the country over the past few years in various attempts to represent the “truth”, and finds Return To Homs  the “most notable of these films” for its honesty and power. More here

29Apr 2015

‘Silvered Water’ Among Top 5 Films of ColCoa 2015

Ossama 3


The Daily Bruin‘s William Thorne has highlighted his top 5 films from this year’s ColCoa French Film Festival, held in Los Angeles, and Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait is at number three, with “4 paws”. Thorne commends the film for its originality and potency, remarking that, “It is all at once a wail of despair, a cry for attention and a plea for justice.” More here

24Apr 2015

‘The Mulberry House’ Showing in Vienna

Sara 1


Director of The Mulberry House, Sara Ishaq was in Vienna for the film’s premiere on the 10th April. The film won the top Jury Prize at This Human World Festival in 2014, and returned to the city for its cinema release.

More here

22Apr 2015

The 2014 George Polk Award for Best Documentary Goes to ‘Return to Homs’

polktopLIU has announced Return to Homs as the 2014 winner of its inaugural award for Best Documentary at their prestigious annual George Polk Awards.

The George Polk Awards are conferred annually to honor special achievement in journalism. The awards place a premium on investigative and enterprising reporting that gains attention and achieves results.

John Darnton, curator of the awards, remarked, “Now we have established a separate award to recognize the ever-increasing importance of documentary films that inspire and help shape national conversations about important issues.” More here

21Apr 2015

El Jeiroudi on Jury for Inaugural Golden Eye Awards @ Cannes

Proaction Film’s co-founder Diana El Jeiroudi will serve on the Jury for Cannes Festival’s first Documentary“Golden Eye Award”. The award, which will be introduced at this year’s festival, was created by Scam and Cannes Festival as a means of recognising Documentary Cinema. Presided by Rithy Panh, with Nicolas Philibert, Irene Jocob and Scott Foundas of Variety, in addition to El Jeiroudi, as members, the jury will award the best documentary across Official Selection, Sidebars, Directors’ Fortnight and Critics Week. Press release here.

20Apr 2015

Silvered Water Selected as Audiences’ Favourite Film of AL Film Festival Berlin



The combined audience of the AL Film Film Festival 2015, held in Berlin, has selected Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait as their favourite film of the year and received standing ovations at its screenings!

Read here


13Apr 2015

‘Silvered Water’ in Arab Film Festival Berlin



The second screening of Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait as part of the Arabisches Film Festival in Berlin will take place on Tuesday 14th, at the Arsenal cinema on Potsdamer Strasse. Buy tickets

09Apr 2015

Proaction Films To Take Part in AFAC Film Week

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.46.26دعوة لحضور عرض ماء الفضة وعرض العودة لحمص ضمن اسبوع الفيلم آفاق في سيماتيك القاهرة (١٥-٢٢ نيسان)
BotSilvered Water – ماء الفضّة and Return To Homs – العودة إلى حمص will be screened during AFAC Film Week in Cairo 15-22 April 
Both films have been supported by AFAC.

الفيلمان نالا الدعم من الصندوق العربي للثقافة والفنون.


09Apr 2015

The Mulberry House Wins Jury Award at This Human World

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 17.19.49


Proaction Film’s production of Sara Ishaq’s documentary The Mulberry House, won the Jury Award at This Human World 2014 and will celebrate its Austrian theatrical release in April 2015.The film will be shown from 10th of April on at Top Kino, one of Vienna’s finest arthouse cinemas.


02Apr 2015

‘Silvered Water’ Selected for COLCOA 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 11.08.10


The 2015 lineup for COLCOA, the Los Angeles-based French film festival, has just been announced and Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait will be screened as part of the festival’s World Cinema Produced by France series. Read here



11Mar 2015

‘Silvered Water’ Receives Honorary Mention at Tempo Festival 2015

‘Silvered Water’ has been lauded with Honorary Mention by the Jury for Best Foreign Documentary Film, at Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm. The film was selected from 9 competing films to receive this accolade.


24Feb 2015

Silvered Water Wins Top Awards at !f Istanbul 2015



Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait won the top award at !f Istanbul Festival’s eight-piece Love & Change competition on Sunday.

The festival’s Love & Change competition, first introduced last year, aims to reward “directors who have succeeded in changing the world with their cameras.” Read here


12Feb 2015

‘Silvered Water’ Screenings in France, Spain and the US

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 17.33.05

This week, alongside further screenings of Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait in France and Spain, in the US the film will be screened at the True/False Film Festival in Missouri. Read here



30Jan 2015

‘Silvered Water’ Is a “Cry From the Heart”



Barbara Castro, writing for The Whip, describes Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait as “a powerful, multi-layered film that isn’t just a documentary about war but a cry of grief from the Syrian people.” Read here




28Jan 2015

‘Silvered Water’ Selected To Compete At This Year’s !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival

Ossama 1


Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait has been chosen to compete alongside 7 other films in  the Love & Change competition category at this year’s !f Istanbul Festival. Introduced last year to the festival’s program, the festival organisers explain that the Love & Change competition is aimed at highlighting “directors who have succeeded in changing the world with their cameras”.

The 14th !f İstanbul International Independent Film Festival will run from Feb. 12-22 in İstanbul and Feb. 26-March 1 in Ankara and İzmir. Read here


05Jan 2015

‘Return to Homs’ To Be Screened on Al Aarabiya

Residents pass by a checkpoint as they arrive to inspect their homes in the Wadi Al-Sayeh district at the al-Khalidiyeh area in Homs


ترقبوا عرض “العودة الى حمص” على تلفزيون “العربية” هذا الأسبوع

Return to Homs will be screened on Al Arabiya towards the end of this week.
05Jan 2015

‘Return to Homs’ Is One of Vimeo’s Best Films of 2014

FilmStills-RTH (1)

Return to Homs has been selected as one of Vimeo’s top films of the year. Jeffrey Bowers writes that “Talal Derki allows you to watch a civil war unfold literally in front of your eyes through unflinching reportage and on-the-ground footage during the Syrian revolution.” Read here

05Jan 2015

‘Silvered Water’ Chosen as One of the Top 10 Films of 2014 by French Press



A survey of the collected French Press ranks Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait 3rd among the Top 10 documentaries of 2014. Le Monde called it “a requiem for the revolution. Read here


18Dec 2014

‘Return to Homs’ Nominated for Cinema Eye Awards

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.30.41

Return To Homs has been nominated for two Cinema Eye Honours awards, for Debut Feature and Production.​ Read here


18Dec 2014

‘The Mulberry House’ Awarded at This Human World Festival

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.32.08

The Mulberry House has received the Jury Prize of the Austrian This Human World film festival, and looks forward to a theatrical release in Austria in coming months. Read here



18Dec 2014

‘Silvered Water’ Receives Special Mention at Filmmaker Festival, Italy

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.43.14


Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait receives a special mention from the jury of Filmmaker Festival in Italy; “for the ability to disrupt the certainties of the viewer through a work highly emotional and political, while demonstrating a deep compassionate understanding, giving shape and meaning to all images available”. Read here


18Dec 2014

New Digital Releases of ‘Return to Homs’



Netflix and POV have acquired Return to Homs for the North American markets. For Arab World audiences, the film will also be premiered on Al Arabiya very soon.


18Dec 2014

Review of ‘Silvered Water’ in Le Monde

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.39.29


Jaques Mandelbaum calls Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait a requiem for the Revolution.

Read here



17Dec 2014

Piece on ‘Silvered Water’ in La Città Nuova

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 11.02.56



(In Italian) Read the piece here: La Città Nuova


16Dec 2014

Crowd-Funding Launch for ‘Silvered Water’

Ossama 2
Our partners in Les Films d’Ici just launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover the additional expenses for Silvered Water’s theatrical release in France… thanks for contributing and for sharing with friends. Read here