29Oct 2014

‘Silvered Water’ Nominated at Asia Pacific Awards



‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ has become the first Syrian film ever to be nominated for an APSA. Ossama Mohammed and Wiam Simav Bedirxan’s film has been nominated in the category of Best Feature Documentary. Find more information here: APSA

28Oct 2014

‘Return to Homs’ at Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2014


Return to Homs will be screened as part of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival on the 28th and 30th of October. Find more information here: abudhabiff

24Oct 2014

‘Silvered Water’ Wins the Grierson Award at LFF

Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait has won the Grierson Award for Best Documentary at the 58th BFI London Film Festival, with the jury calling it “unflinching and poetic”. Read more here: griersonaward

17Oct 2014

‘Silvered Water’ at London Film Festival


Silvered Water was screened to great acclaim at the 58th BFI London Film Festival last weekend. Maggie Gogler of View of the Arts has written that, “Along with the flawless editing, amazingly modern use of natural sounds and Noma Omran’s music, Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait is a shattering 90 minute documentary which will make you think that “there is no limit on what cinema can do in the face of the war”. It’s certainly a must see film.” Read the full review here: viewofthearts

14Oct 2014

‘Silvered Water’ To Open New Mobile Phone Festival In Syria

‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ will premier inside Syria at the newly established Syrian Mobile Film Festival. The festival will take place within liberated regions of Syria (Kafranbel, Aleppo, Jabal Al Zawiya, Al Atareb, Al Bab) on October 15th, kicking off with ‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’. Find more information here: syria-film

14Oct 2014

‘Silvered Water’ To Be Screened at CPH:DOX*

‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ will be screened at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival in November, among the festival’s pick of ‘Top Dox’. Find more information here: cphdox

11Oct 2014

‘Silvered Water’ at the New York Film Festival 2014


Writing in Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media, Drake Stutesman calls ‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ “an extreme and remarkable anti-war piece on the war in Syria”. Read the review in full here: framework

10Oct 2014

Launch of ‘Return To Homs’ Online

return to homs image

After touring more than 70 festivals in 11 months, winning many awards, and being recognised everywhere as a distinct and humane insight into the Syrian tragedy, Return To Homs has just been released digitally around the world…
Launched on Vimeo On Demand on Friday (10/10/14), Return to Homs will then launch on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video in early November, followed by Netflix (North America) in Dec. 


07Oct 2014

Essay on ‘Silvered Water’ in BOMB Magazine

Nicholas Elliott has written a beautifully poignant essay in response to ‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’, after having seen the film at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Elliott considers the ethics of depicting graphic scenes of violence and suffering against our human duty to bear witness to atrocities perpetrated by humans. Read the full article herebombmagazine

07Oct 2014

Interview with Orwa Nyrabia in BOMB Magazine

Orwa Nyrabia, producer of ‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ and ‘Return to Homs’, talks to Pamela Cohn about civil war, exile, and documentary as art. Read the full interview here: bombmagazine

01Oct 2014

‘Silvered Water’ reviewed on nonfics.com

Ossama 2

Silvered Water is an “essential essay on violence, civil war and new cinema” says Daniel Walber of nonfics.com. Read the full review here: nonfics.com 

09Sep 2014

‘Silvered Water’ Reviewed in Way Too Indie

C.J. Prince hails ‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ as “A difficult but essential documentary about the horrors of Syria’s civil war”. Read the full review here: waytooindie.com 

26Jun 2014

Review of ‘Return to Homs’ in The Guardian

Leslie Felperin describes ‘Return to Homs’ as “by turns exhilarating and devastating…a timely reminder of a conflict that’s slipped out of the headlines.” Read the full review here: guardian.co.uk 

16May 2014

Variety Review of ‘Silvered Water’

Jay Weissberg describes ‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ as a necessary, often unbearable” film that will “leave no viewer unshaken”. Read the full review here: variety.com

15May 2014

Review of ‘Silvered Water’ in The Hollywood Reporter

Deborah Young admires the “crude realism and poetic imagination” with which Ossama Mohammed and Wiam Simav Bedirxan’s harrowing film is realised. Read the full review here: hollywoodreporter.com 

15May 2014

Screen Daily Review of ‘Silvered Water’

Fionnuala Halligan calls ‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ a “visual poem of raw pain”. Read the full review here: screendaily.com 

12May 2014

‘Return to Homs Reviewed in The Hollywood Reporter

“An unflinching, rousing piece of civil-war reportage, literally dispatched from the conflict’s front lines.” Neil Young describes ‘Return to Homs’ as “a sober, sobering bulletin of unambiguous intention and undeniable power.” Read the full review here: hollywoodreporter.com 

30Apr 2014

Voice of America Hails ‘Return to Homs’

Voice of America praises Talal Derki’s film, saying that ‘Return to Homs’ “puts a human face on the Syria Conflict”. Read the full review here: voanews.com 

22Apr 2014

Orwa Nyrabia Interview in the Washington Post

“What’s natural to cinema, in my opinion, is that it can bypass prejudice and help people identify.” Orwa Nyrabia, producer of ‘Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait’ and co-founder of Proaction Film and DOX BOX, talks to Mark Jenkins about ‘Return to Homs’ and the difficulties of making a documentary amid a blazing civil war. Read the full interview here: washingtonpost

25Mar 2014

‘Return to Homs’ Reviewed in Variety

Peter Debruge calls ‘Return to Homs’ “an essential, ground-level look at the Syrian civil war”. Read the full review here: variety.com 


15Jan 2014

‘The Mulberry House’ Reviewed in Variety

Jay Weissberg calls Sara Ishaq’s ‘The Mulberry House’ a “deeply personal memoir”, recounting a family’s response to upheaval. Read the full review here: variety.com